Product Tour: Mobile Devices

screenshot of World Flight Planner on a mobile device
As long as you have access to the Internet, you can grab the current METAR/TAF, check the forecast weather or generate a navigation log.

Mobile Access

You may not always have access to a computer where you are or to an Internet connection for your laptop. That's why World Flight Planner works on any mobile device with a reasonably sized screen and a connection to the Internet*.


Any mobile device with a modern web browser should work well with the mobile version. The following devices/browsers are known to work:

  • Android™ devices
  • Apple iPad®
  • Apple iPhone®
  • Blackberry® Browser

If your mobile device isn't listed above, there's a good chance that it is compatible with World Flight Planner. If you want us to officially support your mobile device, contact us.


Geolocation identifies the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computer or mobile device. When using World Flight Planner, geolocation can be used to retrieve the weather and other important information from the airport nearest to you. The ability to access the nearest weather is especially important when in areas which commonly experience localized weather phenomenon.


* Mobile data charges may apply, depending on your service provider and plan.

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