Product Tour: Browsers

Browser Support

Our mission is to make our flight planning software accessible to anyone no matter where they are. You shouldn't have to change your browsing habits, install a new web browser or use a computer with a specific operating system, just to run a particular software program. With that in mind, we've built World Flight Planner as a web-based application and designed it to work with as many of the major web browsers and mobile devices as possible.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Fully Supported

The following browsers are completely supported and have no known compatibility issues with World Flight Planner


The following browsers are also supported, though there are minor issues with the display (without affecting any functionality) of some pages:

  • Google Chrome (Windows)
  • Opera 10 (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Safari 4 (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer 7

If your favourite browser isn't listed, don't dismay. Please contact us as we may already be working on support for your browser or there may be a workaround when using it.


"Firefox" is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation. "Google Chrome" is a trademark of Google Inc. "Safari" is a trademark of Apple Inc. "Internet Explorer" is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.