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Version 1.3 Released
December 20, 2010

We're pleased to announce that version 1.3 of World Flight Planner is now available.

The most exciting development for this release of World Flight Planner is our cooperation with LJD Technologies, maker of the CoPilot iPhone app, to add support for sending wind data to the CoPilot iPhone app. Users of CoPilot are able to register for an API key to automatically pull the latest wind data when flight planning using CoPilot.

The latest release of World Flight Planner also brings increased performance and stability to an already solid platform. On top of that, we've added several exciting new features including METAR decoding, export of routes to FPL format and use of NOAA's Global Forecast System (GFS).

About World Flight Planner

World Flight Planner is a web-based flight planning application for use by pilots, dispatchers or anyone charged with pre-flight planning in general or commercial aviation.

The World Flight Planner application currently supports pre-flight planning for over 50 different types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and more aircraft are added each week. Our system supports flight plans to be created for flights in Canada and the United States, and we expect to add complete support for Australia early in 2011.

Some of the features offered by the World Flight Planner application include:

  • supports any Windows, Mac or Linux computer or any Internet-enabled mobile device
  • supports all popular web browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera)
  • support for multiple languages (English now, French and Spanish in the works and others to come)
  • view airspace information
  • point and click, rubberband route creation
  • profile view of terrain and birds eye view of terrain clearance along route
  • easily access NOTAM, weather and other aeronautical information for your routes
  • no contracts or sign up fees
  • no firewall or network configuration changes required in order to use

The complete list of changes is available in the release notes and the application feature list is also available within the product tour.

For further information, visit or contact us.

Media Contact:
Douglas Robertson
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